b. a mermaid: how to do the fishtail braid

1. Spritz hair spray onto dry hair—We suggests using Bumble & bumble surf spray.   “Rake your hands through your hair instead of a brush and you’ll get that modern, ropey look,” Bucket says. 2. Separate hair into two equal sections at … Continue reading

b. undone: messy braid tutorial

Get away from the classic braid and try a boho chic look. This undone braid is super simple and looks great on the weekend or for your next holiday party!

You will need:
One elastic hair tie
Bumble and bumble Dryspun

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 9.45.03 PM

Start with spraying crown area with Bumble and Bumble Dryspun to create volume. Divide hair into three sections-just as you would for a traditional braid and braid one of the sections. Now taking the three sections-the two regular sections and one braided strand-now braid into a traditional braid. Using this technique will create a texture to your braid. Pull out small pieces from hairline to create a soft undone look!

Stylist:  Lindsey DeHart

Image:  Vogue