b. plumped but don’t quack

Dermal filler is an amazing tool when used appropriately.  It can take years off of an aged face and give a sense of refreshment & relaxation to the patient.  Unfortunately, dermal filler is often over utilized;  excessive volumes & improper placement lead to “duck lips,”  “monkey face,” eye injuries, and some scary looking characters.

If you are interested in dermal filler, like Juvederm, it is important that you think about the following:

1. what am I trying to achieve?

2.  what bothers me the most?  [taking things one step at a time is a good idea.  You may not be happy if you drastically change your appearance]

3.  am I willing to take good care of my skin?  [healthy skin is a critical component of “youthfulness.”  If you want plump lips but you aren’t interested in wearing sunscreen, you may be throwing money down the drain.]

There is a lot I could say, but I want to focus on critical things to be aware of:

1.  Tear trough injections – you can end up with complications affecting your eyes.  Forget looking good, don’t you want to be able to SEE???  There have been many reported cases of complications related to dermal filler injections in the tear trough area.  If you are considering this site I would highly recommend seeing an oculoplastics specialist.

2.  Less is more – who wants to look like a duck?  “Not I” said the fly…”not me” said the flea.  Bottom line:  it is unnatural & unattractive to have duck lips.  Take it slow.  You can always add more!  You don’t need the whole syringe injected into your lips…just trust me on this one.

3.  Monkey Face – this is the term I use to describe women who have had too much dermal filler injected into their nasolabial folds.  You know who they are.  That lady you saw at Publix.  She looked sort of good, but then there was something weird about her.  Her face looked sort of full.  Did she have gum in her mouth?  NASOLABIAL FOLDS ARE SUPPOSED TO EXIST.  Dermal filler should be used to soften them, not eradicate them completely.  When you overfill these folds it really is quite odd-looking.

13928_young-chimpanzee-peeks-through-the-leaves_mawkrnnofdejaaqpr4bxrhk5ihncurxrbvj6lwuht2ya6mzmafma_950x712  image from National Geographic

botox in a bottle

What is Bioserum anyways?

Bioserum, made by Neocutis, is an intensive anti-aging treatment.  It is applied daily as part of a skin rejuvenating regimen.  It is charged with an unprecedented amount of human growth factors, interleukins and other cytokines to help nourish, energize and rejuvenate the skin.  Growth factors are the latest buzzword in cosmetic ingredients.  They are composed of amino acids, which bind together to form peptides and proteins.

  • Made In SWITZERLAND, Suitable For All Skin Types, Results seen in as little as 7 days
  • Skin looks plump with increased hydration and radiant luminosity
  • Signs of fine lines and wrinkles appear to be virtually erased and softened
  • Improves skin tone and texture for renewed luminosity and radiance
  • Non-Comedogenic, Dermatologist & Ophthalmologist Tested, FREE of Color Additives, Fragrance FREE, Paraben FREE


Bioserum helps boost skin’s restorative power to visibly lift, firm and smooth the appearance of aging skin. This complete skin revitalizer helps deliver essential amino acids, stable vitamin C to help lock in collagen, and a bio-mimetic peptide which has been shown to help minimize collagen and elastin loss associated with environmental factors and aging. Bio-processed algae extracts helps tighten and smooth the appearance of skin. A high concentration of hyaluronic acid helps hydrate and plump up the appearance of fine lines. Also available as an Intensive Spot Treatment in a portable pen applicator for stubborn lines and wrinkles.

Personally, one of my FAVORITE treatment modalities is to use Bioserum to target stubborn lines; you can use a Clarisonic Opal to massage the bioserum in.  This optimizes absorption & enhances the benefits.  You can target crow’s feet, lines around the mouth, 11s…and the list goes on… AMAZING!  This is a great way to extend the life of your botox treatments.


clarisonic opal infusion system

b. smart: latisse for lashes & brows

Instyle’s Best Beauty Tips for Winter


Sometimes, optical illusions work like the best anti-agers. Lush, thick brows—like Penélope Cruz’s—give a more youthful appearance. Fill in sparse growth with a lash enhancer like Latisse (by prescription) once a day, says Dr. Fusco.

b. youthful…the Clarisonic opal & crows feet

Opal helps infuse serum more effectively than manual application for younger-looking eyes. The applicator tip’s patented concave shape works with the contours and elasticity of the skin to infuse with maximum effectiveness. Through a series of gentle micro-massages, the patented … Continue reading