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A primer on semi-permanent lashes

In the late 1990s, semi-permanent eyelashes made their mark in Asia, where they were initially developed.  For many years they were a beauty secret known only to Hollywood types.  Today, these lashes have become a welcome addition to the everyday woman’s beauty regimen.

Semi-permanent lash extensions are different from traditional false eyelash strips, clusters, or individual lash tabbing.  These synthetic eyelash extensions are single lashes applied one by one to your natural lashes for fuller, longer, more natural looking eyelashes.  With quality products and application methods, semi-permanent lashes can last for up to two months (up to 60 days before the last lash falls off).  You can enjoy eyelash extensions year round by following simple maintenance and aftercare instructions, along with fill-in applications every 2-4 weeks, as needed.

The  lashes themselves are made of single fiber polyester thread.  The adhesive used is surgical…

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b. braided – a popsugar tutorial on 3 hot braids

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Popsugar has an amazing video tutorial that covers three HOT braids:

1.  the Fishtail

2.  the Dutch

3.  the 4 strand

The key to using these in 2014 is to think bohemian.  You want a loose, messy braid to pull off that bohemian look.  You can use Bumble & bumble texture to help keep your braid looking cohesive but messy at the same time.


b. adorable!

Step 1. Start by prepping the hair with a root volumizer- I LOVE Bumble and bumble pret a powder.

Work into roots with finger tips to really get good lift!  Bumble-Pret-a-Powder

****if you want added volume, tease hair with a teasing comb to desired height ****

Step 2. Divide hair into 3 sections, secure into pony tails.

Step 3. Curl each ponytail and pin, or for a measured look, twist pieces of ponytail and pin.  Jeweled bobby pins will dress up your look too.

***this is a super easy, cute look to do when you are on the go, or have to go from day to night.***

Throw on a pretty necklace, and a bold lip, you’re ready to party!****

Tip by Brie

Image from pinterest