How to: contour & highlight your face….{Annie Jaffrey of Annie’s Beauty Life}


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b. ahead of the curve: 2014 makeup trends

Spring 2014 Fashion Week Revealed some beautiful new make-up and hair trends.  We have chosen our favorites… 1.  Ethereal White Eyeshadow and Liner   The white eye makeup trend was all over the place.   A wash of iridescent whites … Continue reading

b. radiant Makeup tips

1) Exfoliate your lips on a regular basis. For this you can always use a toothbrush; get that dead skin off.  This will give all of  your lip colors a perfect surface.
2) Lip moisture is a must, especially in the changing weather. Sugar makes a great Lip Treatment and Exfoliator.
3) Use lip liner!
It’s worth the time and money. Liner holds your lipstick or gloss in place longer and also allows you to change-up colors for more variation. Make sure to blend that lip liner before you apply lipstick or gloss. Use your finger to blend.
4) Apply your lipstick. This season is all about Matte. So have fun with it, choose a bright color and wear light eyes to spice things up.
Some of my Favorites:
MAC Ruby Woo ( gorgeous red )
Flat Out Fabulous ( fab pink )
Fixed on Drama ( retro burgundy )
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