Shivani Bhatia MD is the founder of b. YOU. She has always been enamored with beauty & fashion. After much research & thought she decided that perhaps clients who come in for a blowout would enjoy the efficiency of a complementary service in the same location. She brought the idea to successful salon founder, Stephen Posta. They agreed that the idea of blowouts and Botox would work well together. Shivani subsequently presented the idea to architect & creative genius, Haitham Haddad. The ultimate partnership was in place. The trio represents the core of b. YOU. Hair, beauty, embrace of nature, and attention to detail; helping women to be the best they can be.

Stephen is co-founder of Dyer & Posta, a highly successful salon in the northern suburbs of Atlanta. He and his associates have a loyal client base. His salon expanded to three times its original size in 2013, due to growing success and demand for the amazing hair services his salon offers. We plan to see comparable success with b. YOU.

Haitham Haddad is a successful architect and partner in PFVS Architects. He designs high-end commercial and residential structures. He is well known and respected globally.

Shivani Bhatia MD is a successful pediatric anesthesiologist who practices at Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta.


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