b. obsessed with Lana’s lips

Lana del rey is truly a beautiful being.  I am totally obsessed with her lips.

I am a 40 year old female physician with a husband & 3 children;   EVEN I AM OBSESSED with Lana’s lips!  Aren’t you?

There has been a lot of speculation on whether Lana del Rey had plastic surgery or not.   Let me just say, for the record,  I don’t really mind if she did.  Her lips are virtually perfect.  Why?

1.  So first off look at the picture.  Study her lips closely girls.  She does not look like a duck at all.  Her lips look so very full, pouty & NATURAL.  Lana may have juvederm in there.  It seems to be in all of the right places – namely the body of her lips.  Lips tend to look more natural when the body is filled.  One must be very careful when having one’s lips filled.  Outlining your lips can be horrific.  I seldom do this to my patients.  I find that adding volume to the substance of the lip (as opposed to the vermilion border) makes the patient look more natural.lip-sites (image from sueandgigi.com)


Outlining is done quite often, but I feel it should be reserved for very select patients.  If a patient does not have a nice, clean vermillion border, injecting dermal filler can actually accentuate it’s absence as opposed to creating one.   Less is more…trust me on this one.

2.  Proportion & balance:  So they say the ideal lip ratio is 60% bottom lip : 40% upper lip.  In general the lower lip is more full than the upper lip.  Look at Lana’s lips.  This is totally her case!  She has slightly more volume in her lower lip.  BUT she has a nicely balanced upper lip.  Balanced lips have an upper lip that projects in an anterior-posterior view, slightly more than half the size of the lower lip.

3.   Perhaps Lana Del Rey is 100% natural.  I don’t mind either way.  The bottom line is:  she is one beautiful lady with perfect lips.


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