how often should I wash my hair? b. savvy beauty tip

Because the air is so dry in winter it truly is best to wash hair every 2-3 days.  Over washing strips the cuticle  & promotes dry, brittle hair.  If your scalp become excessively dry it will over-produce oil, causing you to feel like you have “oily hair.”  You don’t have oily hair, you’re just washing too much.

“But I workout!” you say.  Well, my friend, that’s exactly what dry shampoo was invented for.  It goes into your roots, emulsifies oils (poof!  they’re gone) and give absolutely amazing volume!  Our favorite dry shampoo / volumizer is pret a powder.  We can’t keep it in stock.  Our most loyal clients are in on this secret & they absolutely love it.



Tip:  Shivani Bhatia MD

Images:, bumble & bumble network


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